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*List your favorite AFI cd:"The Art of Drowning"
*List your favorite AFI song(s):"The Lost Souls," "Salt for your wounds," ""this celluloid dream..." ah shit i have more but i can't think of them.
*Name an AFI song you DON'T like: "uh there aren't many but i'd have to say, right now it's "Silver and cold"
*Favorite AFI music video: "The days of the phoenix"
*Favorite quote from a member of AFI: Adam: "Fuck that guy!" Jade: "HO!" (both from an interview with AMP mag. talking about John Hughes in the 90's and beyond.
*List several of your favorite bands besides AFI:The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Anti-Flag, The Cure, mostly 80's stuff.
*How long have you been into AFI (optional):3 years.
*What are some of your favorite movies? Pretty in Pink, Napoleon Dynamite, Nightmare Before Christmas (cliche, yes)
*What are several of the things that annoy you the most? animal abusers, nagging, taking out other peoples' garbage, Republicans.
*Do you have any piercings/tattoos/other body modifications? almost. i'm getting my Monroe peircing at the end of the grading period.
*Are you straightedge or vegan? sxe, and almost vegan. i'm a strict vegetarian right about now.
*What are some of your favorite activities? protesting, leafletting, being crazy, crying, liking people i can't have.
*Useless bit of AFI trivia you know: ah shit. uncle told me that one time Davey got booed off stage at a 90's warped tour. i dunno if this is true, but my uncle was there and it sounds true. so yep...
*Anything else you’d like to say:
not really.
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