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Send your links!

Hello everyone! Don't most of us have a file stored away on our computers, or a folder in our Favorites dedicated to all things AFI? If you do, they could be really valuable to me right about now. This community is going to have a geocities site - but it won't be exclusively for cultxstatus - that will, hopefully, be worthy of bookmarking. My plan is to collect as many links to AFI related websites as possible and place them on one site for easy reference. Plus, there are a lot of things that most fans haven't seen; everyone will be able to further their knowledge of the band (unless they've seen everything). So if you have any links to interviews (both transcript and recorded), photo albums, music videos, fan sites, etc., please help out by posting them in a comment or emailing them to

The (blank) site can be found here

Much love,
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